Getting the Facts About Dog Bites

Getting the Facts About Dog Bites

Dog Bites and the Facts

Whether you own a dog or encounter them on a regular basis, dog bites can be a hazard to your health and wellbeing.

Every year, approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs and 800,000 individuals are treated for dog bite injuries in a medical setting. Understanding the facts about dog bites can help you prevent these common injuries.


Dog Bite Reasons

While many people envision dog bite injuries as the result of an aggressive animal, in many cases, dogs that are normally happy and well-adjusted are responsible for dog bites.

In fact, most individuals are bitten by familiar dogs, rather than by strange animals. Dogs may bite for a variety of reasons; in some cases, dogs simply bite or nip due to exuberance and enthusiasm during play.

Alternatively, a dog may bite if it is startled or annoyed. Some dogs may bite when they are feeling sick, injured, or threatened.

Learning to recognize the signs of exited or agitated behavior in dogs can go a long way toward avoiding dog bite injuries.


Dog Bite Victims

The majority of dog bite victims are children.

This is because children often don’t understand proper treatment of dogs or may approach a dog exhibiting the warning signs that he may bite if bothered.

Seniors are the second most likely group of individuals to suffer from dog bite injuries.

Dog bites are considered a personal injury for which you may be awarded monetary compensation, depending on the circumstances of the bite and where it took place—your attorney can determine whether your situation may warrant a legal claim.

Have you been bitten or injured by a dog?

You may be entitled to recompense for your injuries and any medical costs they incurred.

If you’d like to learn more about your legal options following a personal injury such as a dog bite, slip and fall, or auto accident, you can reach the Thrush Law Group.


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