Fast Facts About Slips and Falls

Fast Facts About Slips and Falls

What to Do About Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are incredibly common injuries that may lead to personal injury cases, because they can lead to significant medical bills and missed work days that will warrant compensation from responsible parties.

Generally, the defendant in these cases is a business or property owner, who may be held responsible for injuries through negligence in property management, adequate signage, and lighting.

This article will explore some of the key facts about slip and fall injuries to help you see the impact of these injuries.


Fractures Occur in about 5% of Fall Injuries

A simple fall can lead to serious injuries, particularly in older adults, who are the most likely to experience falls with hazardous conditions.

Fractures are among the most serious injuries that may occur in falls, and they are seen in about 5% of all fall injuries.


Falls Account for More than 8 Million ER Visits Annually

Falls are one of the most common injuries treated in the ER, accounting for about 8 million visits to the emergency department each year.

In elderly adults taken to the ER for fall-related fractures, long-term hospital stays are often necessary, and living independently following hospitalization is not always feasible.


Most Falls Occur at Ground Level

The majority of fall injuries occur at ground level, not from elevation.

Even falls that are not from great height can be very serious, causing fractures, brain and spinal cord injuries, and even accidental deaths.


If you have suffered a fall, your first step should be to seek the immediate medical care you need to address your injuries.

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