Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite in Arizona

Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite in Arizona

Suffer a Dog Bite in Arizona?

Arizona law imposes steep penalties on dog owners for dog bites, as dog owners are required to pay the damage resulting from dog bites.

This is true whether or not the dog owner acted negligently or knew of the dog’s propensity toward biting.

If you’ve suffered a dog bite in Arizona, there are steps you can take medically and legally to help recover from your personal injury.


Visit a Doctor

While some dog bite wounds can heal with at-home treatment, deeper wounds require professional care.

In fact, you should visit a doctor anytime an unfamiliar dog bites or if you can’t stop the bleeding. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to ensure you dog bite doesn’t cause an infection.

To treat your dog bite at home, place a clean towel over the injury to stop the bleeding and keep the area elevated.

You can also carefully wash the bite with soap and water before applying a sterile bandage to the wound.


Identify the Dog

If a stray dog bites you, you should contact your animal control department and police department as soon as possible.

This allows the county to capture the dog and assess it for rabies. If the dog can’t be captured immediately, write down everything you know about the dog, its owner, and the attack.

You will want to include information about the dog breed, size, color, and gender.

You should also jot down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the attack.


Contact a Lawyer

You have certain rights under Arizona law to seek compensation for your dog bite injuries.

After seeking medical treatment, contact a Tucson personal injury attorney with experience handling dog bite claims.

When meeting with an attorney, bring any pictures or documents about the attack and the injuries you sustained.

Our Tucson personal injury attorneys provide compassionate, experienced legal counsel to help you recover.

We fight for those who have been injured, so that they secure the compensation they deserve.

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