Disabilities that Can Result from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Disabilities that Can Result from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury and Disability

Disabilities stemming from a traumatic brain injury depend on the victim’s age, health, as well as the severity and location of the injury.

However, cognitive problems are commonly associated with TBI, including problems with thinking, memory and reasoning.

Victims of TBI can also experience problems with communication and may develop behavioral or mental health issues.


Cognitive Issues

Cognition refers to the brain’s thinking, reasoning, problem solving and information processing capabilities.

Patients who suffer from severe traumatic brain injuries tend to develop cognitive disabilities, including loss of high-level mental skills.

Memory loss and the partial inability to form new memories is the most common cognitive problem associated with severe traumatic brain injury cases.

Some patients develop either anterograde or retrograde post-traumatic amnesia, meaning their memories of events prior to or following the TBI are impaired.


Sensory Problems

In addition to cognitive issues, traumatic brain injury victims also experience vision problems following the accident.

For example, patients may be unable to register what they are seeing or may be slow in recognizing visible objects.

TBI patients also show difficulty with hand-eye coordination, so they may be prone to dropping or bumping into objects.

Some TBI victims also develop a ringing or roaring in their ears or persistent skin tingling.

These sensory conditions may be rare, but they are incredibly difficult to treat.


Communication Issues

TBI patients may find it difficult to recall words or speak in complete sentences following the accident.

Some TBI patients will begin to speak in broken phrases and take frequent pauses while conversing.

TBI patients are often aware of these communication issues, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Some patients develop fluent aphasia, a condition where they unknowingly speak in gibberish and create sentences of non-essential and invented words.

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