Environmental Factors that Can Increase Slip and Fall Risk

Environmental Factors that Can Increase Slip and Fall Risk

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Slip and Fall Risk Factors

Slips and falls are common accidents that can lead to injuries in the workplace, the home, and even public spaces. In many cases, these injuries are directly due to an environmental hazard that increased the risk of a slip and fall.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall that could have been prevented by eliminating environmental hazards, pursuing legal reparations can help you recover lost income and the cost of any necessary acute or ongoing medical care.


Poor Maintenance

One of the most common environmental factors that leads to slip and fall injuries is lack of maintenance in the area where the accident occurred. Poor maintenance may include burned-out lighting, damaged flooring or walking surfaces, broken or inadequate handholds, lack of stair railings, and the presence of unaddressed ice, snow, or debris in outdoor areas.


Insufficient Protection

In some cases, accidents occur because there have been insufficient steps taken to prevent slips and falls. Particularly in public spaces, there are several laws and building codes that apply to ensure pedestrians have a safe and secure path of travel.

Insufficient protection against falls and other injuries can include the absence of stair treads, adequate lighting, and handholds or grab bars, as well as poor space utilization in building and landscaping design that leads to an increased risk of slips or trips.


Foreign Objects

Slips and falls may also occur due to the presence of foreign objects in the path of travel. Objects such as unsecured rugs or mats, electrical cords, unconfined trash, and general clutter that encroaches into walkways are common causes of slips and falls, even in areas that are otherwise well lit and maintained.

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