Preventing Car Accidents in the Winter Months

Preventing Car Accidents in the Winter Months

Car Accidents in the Winter

With an influx of snowbirds in the area, Southern Arizona roads see lots more traffic in the winter season that could increase your risk of getting in a car accident.

To avoid the stress, injuries, and expenses of a car accident this season, follow these helpful tips for safe winter driving.


Avoid Cruise Control in Icy Conditions

If roads are icy or wet, you’ll want to avoid using cruise control, even on the highway.

When road conditions are not ideal, it is best to have as much control over your vehicle as possible, since other drivers may make more sudden maneuvers or hit the brakes more often.


Take Your Car in for a Tune-Up

Cold weather can be hard on any vehicle, so make sure that you take your car in for a tune-up to keep it ready for the winter season.

If you plan to travel to colder areas where snowfall is possible, ask your mechanic about any special preparations you should make with your car and invest in a set of snow tires to ensure safe driving on snowy roads.

New wiper blades might also be necessary, since it is common for windshield wipers to become dry and cracked in the summertime.


Reduce Your Speed in Unsafe Weather

You’ll want to remember that posted speed limits are intended for ideal conditions, so any snow, rain, or ice should slow you down.

Bridges and overpasses will be the first areas to form ice in freezing weather, which means you’ll want to use extra caution and drive slowly over these areas.

If you are in a car accident this winter, call Thrush Law Group to discuss your options for seeking compensation to cover your injuries and vehicle damage.

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