What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Laws

What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Laws

Dog Bite Laws in Arizona

Dogs are widely regarded as man’s best friend, but they can act out and cause serious injuries that might result in legal action against the dog’s owner.

If you have suffered a dog bite that has caused injuries to you or your child, you might seek compensation through a personal injury case to cover medical expenses and emotional trauma caused by the incident.

Here you can get a look at some of the basics about dog bite laws so that you know whether or not you have a case for your injury.


Arizona Has a Strict Liability Law

There are two basic types of dog bite laws that exist in the United States: Vicious dog laws and strict liability.

In Arizona, strict liability is the law, and that implies that owners are held responsible for the injury without proving negligence.

In other words, any dog bite is treated as the owner’s liability, even if the dog did not have a history of violent behavior.

This law will hold up in any case where the victim had a legal right to be in the location where the bite occurred, including the dog owner’s property.


Provocation Overrules Liability

When a dog owner is facing legal action after a dog bite, the only viable defense with a strict liability is provocation.

If the dog was provoked by the victim, the owner may not be held liable for the dog’s action.

However, provocation is difficult to prove, especially if there were no witnesses present at the time of the injury.


Multiple Parties Can be Held Liable for a Dog Bite

In some circumstances, there may be multiple defendants for a dog bite injury case, such as a landlord who owns the property where the incident took place.

In this case, the landlord would be expected to have insurance to cover the costs of injuries and other damages, and he or she would also have assumed the responsibility of the dog through a lease agreement.


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