Dog Bites: Preparing for a Dog Owner’s Deposition

Dog Bites: Preparing for a Dog Owner’s Deposition

Dog Bites in Arizona

Dog bites and personal injury cases are complex, because they often occur in situations where the plaintiff and defendant are friends, neighbors, or family members.

Additionally, dog owners have an emotional attachment to their pets, so they may have a biased perception of the dog bite incident, which can pose some difficulties in acquiring a deposition from the dog owner.

With a skilled personal injury lawyer on your case, however, you can use the deposition of the dog owner to strengthen your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Read on to learn about the important things to consider prior to the deposition.


The Owners Justification

Understand that the dog owner will speculate on the pet’s actions

During a deposition, a dog owner will typically make an attempt to justify the dog’s behavior, and this will likely include accusations that you provoked the dog.

It is important to understand that these accusations may be speculative if the owner did not witness the dog bite take place, so there may be language such as “must have” or “probably”, which will showcase that the owner is not clear on what exactly occurred.

A dog owner may also try to defend the animal’s character by stating that it has been trained or never had a history of violent behavior, so it may be necessary to debunk these claims with a thorough investigation of complaints from neighbors, previous bites, or fabrication of the dog’s training.


The Key Witness

Remember that the dog owner may be a valuable witness in your case

Despite the fact that the owner of a dog may try to pose a defense in placing blame on you for shared negligence or provocation, the dog owner may still be a helpful witness for you.

If the owner was present for the attack, he or she may unwittingly reveal details about the severity of injuries or the attack that could actually back up your case.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite injury, Thrush Law Group can provide representation that will help you seek compensation. Get a free personal injury consultation today.

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