Adhering to Pool Safety Rules and Codes in AZ

Adhering to Pool Safety Rules and Codes in AZ

Pool Safety Rules in Arizona

Owning a pool in Arizona may be a great way to beat the summer heat, but it does carry some legal responsibilities.

In response to far too many Arizona children becoming drowning victims, the Arizona State Legislature passed statutes to prevent children from gaining access to unsupervised pool areas.

These statutes require pool owners to take certain safety precautions when building or maintaining residential swimming pools.


Pool Enclosure

According to A.R.S. § 36-1681, any residence where one or more children under the age of six reside must have a pool enclosure of a wall, fence, or other barrier.

Unless a local code states otherwise, this enclosure must entirely surround the pool area, be at least five feet high, and be at least 20 inches from the water’s edge.

Additionally, the pool enclosure can’t have any openings through which an object four inches in diameter can pass, other than the doors and gates.


Arizona Pool Gate Requirements

Any gate in the five-foot-tall wall, fence, or barrier enclosure must open outward from the pool and be self-latching.

This latch must be at least fifty-four inches above the underlying ground. Additionally, the latch’s release mechanism must be at least five inches below the top of the gate.

However, the latch may be located at any height if it has a padlock or other device that would require a key or electric opening.


Pool Safety Recommendations in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health Services cautions pool owners to never leave a child unattended in the pool or pool area.

Flotation devices and swimming lessons are never a substitution for supervision, so an adult should always be present when a child is in the pool area.

Residents should also never leave the pool gate propped open and should remove any items that children could use to climb the pool barrier.

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