Liability in a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Case

Liability in a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Case

Sidewalk Slip and Fall Case and Liability

Even if you slip and fall on someone’s property and the walkway was in poor condition, the property owner isn’t automatically liable for your resulting injuries.

To prove he or she is liable, you need to prove he or she was negligent by keeping the walkway in an unreasonably safe condition.

In a sidewalk slip and fall case, liability will depend on who your state has determined to be legally responsible for maintenance of the area.


Municipality Liability

Your state’s laws will determine whether or not the city or a property owner is responsible for the city sidewalk.

While some states hold the municipality responsible for upkeep of public sidewalks, other state’s laws are less clear.

Some states leave the issue of upkeep open, while others designate property owners with the task of keeping public sidewalks in safe condition.


Claims Against City or Town

Deadlines to file a negligence claim against a city or town depend on state law, but the deadline is usually rather short.

For example, some states only give slip and fall victims a 30-day window to notify the proper department of the city or town of the incident and circumstances of the accident.

In fact, some states will bar you from making a claim if you fail to notify the correct department.

You also have to ensure you file a claim with the proper government entity, which means determining whether the city or state is responsible for the public walkway.


Evidence of Liability

Whether your case is against the city or a private citizen, you need to properly document the accident scene.

This includes pictures of the walkway, your clothes, and any bruises or injuries you incurred.

This step is very time sensitive, as the city may fix the hazard the next day.

The Arizona personal injury attorneys of Thrush Law Group will fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve following an accident.

We understand that having quality representation is crucial in the aftermath of a slip and fall accident.


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