Possible Defendants in Pharmaceutical Drug Liability Claims

Possible Defendants in Pharmaceutical Drug Liability Claims

As posted last week, there are several different types of pharmaceutical drug liability claims. When you are filing your claim, it is important to take into consideration all of the potential defendants in your lawsuit.

Manufacturer: Usually large companies that take part in the massive market for pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the technical aspect of developing new drugs. These companies tend to retain high-priced legal teams to defend them in pharmaceutical drug cases.

Testing Labs: The drug that caused any type of injury surrounding your case likely went through a series of elaborate testing before it got to the market. Any of these laboratories that your drug may have made it’s way through should be included on your list of defendants in your complaint, especially if they are an independent company.

Sales Representatives: A Pharmaceutical sales representative will often be hired by drug companies to meet with doctors and other members of the medical community to pitch the latest drugs being developed and make recommendations regarding its use. If a sales representative recommended a drug that injured you, they can possibly be held liable.

Doctors/Physicians: Since the doctor that prescribed the drug that injured played a big part in your receiving the medication, they can also be held liable for your injuries. They could also be held responsible for not only your injuries, but any failure to warn you about any potential side effect or provide you with adequate instructions on how to properly use the drug so that no injury would occur.

Hospital/Clinic: Any company that was a part of the chain of distribution between where the drug was manufactured and yourself when you received the drug can be held responsible for your injuries.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy is usually the final point in which you receive the drug after a doctor prescribes it. They can also be held liable the same way as a doctor can for failing to inform you of any warnings or instructions regarding the use of the drug.

In any case in which you are the victim of an injury caused by a pharmaceutical drug you have taken, you may have a claim for medical malpractice as well as a defective product liability claim. Your pharmaceutical drug liability claim may fall under one or several different categories and involve many different defendants. If you are looking to file a claim under these circumstances, contact a Tucson personal injury attorney at Thrush Law Group today for more information. Visit us at http://azautoinjurylaw.com// for a free consultation.

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