Types of Pharmaceutical Drug Liability Claims

Types of Pharmaceutical Drug Liability Claims

Personal injury cases not only apply to physical injury that is a result of a car accident or an injury from your workplace – the effects of a pharmaceutical drug can also be cause for a personal injury claim.

If a pharmaceutical drug has injured you, you may have the right to file a defective products claim. These are similar to defective product claims, but follow a number of special circumstances:

Claims Based on Defectively Manufactured Pharmaceutical Drugs
These kind of claims involve injuries caused by one or more pharmaceutical drugs that were improperly manufactured or may have become tainted somehow, somewhere between the place that it was made and the place where the drug is received. This could be the result of a machine error at the manufacturing facility or at the pharmacy where the drug was made or packaged, a problem that was a result from shipping the product or a labeling error.

Claims Based on Pharmaceutical Drugs with Dangerous Side Effects
This kind of claim happens when properly manufactured drugs have side affects that result in injury. Usually these are drugs that have been on the market for a while before the risk is discovered, such as heart attacks. The victims will usually claim that the manufacturer knew of the danger but concealed it deliberately. If they can prove this happened, they will get money in the form of punitive damages.

Claims based on Improperly Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs
The marketing of a drug refers to the warnings, instructions or recommendations on the drug itself and its use. These claims will usually involve injuries that resulted from a failure to provide accurate warnings about a dangerous side effect that could result from the drug, or a failure to provide proper instructions for the safe and appropriate use of the drug. The improper advice could have come from the manufacturer, a doctor, pharmacist, sales rep or another medical provider.

Your Pharmaceutical Drug Liability Claim may fall under one or several of these categories and involve many different defendants. If you are looking to file a claim under these circumstances, contact a Tucson personal injury attorney at Thrush Law Group today for more information. Visit us at http://azautoinjurylaw.com// for a free consultation.

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