You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Personal Injury Stories!

You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Personal Injury Stories!

Most of the time, when a celebrity gets in trouble, it’s shocking. However, even the most hardcore celebrity gossip junkie may not have been able to believe some of these crazy personal injury stories!

Matthew Broderick

Premiere of Paramount's "The Stepford Wives" - ArrivalsAlthough he has a youthful, good-time image, Matthew Broderick has a serious skeleton in his closet. In 1987, Broderick was involved in a fatal car crash in Northern Ireland while vacationing with Jennifer Grey. Two women were killed when he drove into the wrong lane and hit a car head-on. Incredibly, Broderick was only fined $150 due to him claiming that he had no memory of the accident, which understandably spurred outrage from the families of the victims.

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Ray Lewis

admin-ajaxRay Lewis was a vicious linebacker who is well on his way to the Hall of Fame. However, one incident has dogged him for over a decade: the murders of two men after a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. Following the party, Ray Lewis and two of his friends got into a fight with two men named Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar. Baker and Lollar were stabbed to death.

Lewis received a plea bargain and ended up with a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. Lewis has not escaped scrutiny, however, and reached a financial settlement with the families of the victims.


Laura Bush

admin-ajax (1)Unless you’re a hardcore “Family Guy” watcher, this one may come as a huge surprise to you. Long before becoming the First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush ran a stop sign in 1963 and killed her high school classmate Michael Douglas. Although Laura Bush was never charged with a crime, she personally struggled to deal with the incident for many years.


Don King

Mourners Attend Funeral For Civil Rights Leader Dorothy HeightHow much of a surprise is this one, really? Controversial boxing promoter Don King has had not one, but two cases of assault and manslaughter brought against him in his life. The first happened while his was the leader of a Cleveland gambling ring. One was shot while trying to rob King’s gambling house, the other stomped to death because he owed King $600.

The first murder was judged to be justifiable homicide, but King served four years for the stomping death. He was later pardoned.


Mark Wahlberg

"The Other Guys" New York Premiere - Inside ArrivalsYou may have known Mark Wahlberg since his Marky Mark days, but if you knew him even longer, you’d know about his very troubled youth. The star actor was arrested over 20 times while growing up as a gang member  in Boston, and even blinded a man with a stick because he was Asian, a stunt that landed him in jail. If he’d have been over 18, he likely would have served much more (he already was facing ten years as a teenager, a sentence which was obviously reduced.) Clearly, Wahlberg has turned his life around a lot, and it’s hard to imagine him being the same guy who raised so much hell as a young man.

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